Ask Conan O’Brien Questions: Videogum Everywhere Mission #7

After the jump, I have posted the newest “viral marketing” campaign video from Conan O’Brien in the run-up to his new TBS show, debuting November 8th at 11PM. (You can see Conan’s previous “viral marketing” campaign video here.) In the new video, he invites fans to submit questions via Facebook, which he says he will try to answer. Answer where? On Facebook? On Twitter? On YouTube? On TBS? WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF IMPOSSIBLE OPTIONS! At this point, I’m really not sure where these answers are going to be found. But I do know that the Internet loves to ask stuff. And so, Videogum Agents, your participation is needed in the latest Videogum Everywhere mission. Let’s ask Conan O’Brien some questions without bothering anyone or interfering with their day! Obviously, I have a few questions of my own:

• Where do you get your ideas?

OK, I just have one question (always). Post your questions to the Team Coco page on Facebook, and then repost them here so we know whether or not the Mission is a Success.

Agents! You have your assignment. WOMAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS! (Via GotchaMedia.)