The 2010 Jon Cryer Awards Open Thread

Holy cow, you guys, can you believe a whole year has passed since the 2009 Jon Cryer Awards? How time flies when you’re having blogs (BARF BARF FART GUNSHOT BARF!). Anyhow, it is time once again for the world to celebrate the important work of Jon Cryer. And also Mariska Hargitay. Who wore it better?! Since the Emmy Awards are easily the Most Important Cultural Event in the Known World, let’s watch them together, LIKE A FAMILY. It’s important to share these moments. Just like how the Emmys are so important. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and let’s stay in touch with each other over Twitter by tagging every Emmy-related post #joncryerawards. (We are sure to win this year’s Inside Joke Lifetime Achievement Award!)