That’s Your Magic Kit: The Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit

They definitely made the right choice to market this to adults. Very smart move. Nothing will impress a single woman at an exciting night club, or that client at the big meeting, like a couple of hammy, injection-molded magic tricks that came in a mail order kit.

“Uh, maybe you’ve heard of Criss Angel? I, an adult, used money I earned at my job, to purchase a magic kit on the Internet.”

FACT: adults love magic. FACT: the President’s Book of Secrets is actually a Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit. I love how that’s not even Criss Angel. That is a Craigslist casting call respondent dressed in a $15 “rock-n-roll” outfit from TJ Maxx. Good work, everyone. BUY NOW! (Thanks for the tip, Tom and Nora.)