127 Hours Of Non-Stop Partying, I’m Sure

127 Hours trailer, you guys:

SPOILER ALERT: Marley chews his paws off. And before anyone bothers saying anything, please allow me: isn’t it outrageous how Danny Boyle exploited those penniless caverns for his own personal gain?! Just kidding. Look: Slumdog Millionaire is awful, and will go down in history as being one of the worst movies ever made. But Danny Boyle’s made good movies, too. I know that. We all know that. 28 Days Later? Very good! Trainspotting? I am not sure how well it has aged, but I greatly enjoyed it at the time! Admittedly, Sunshine stabbed itself in the face with that last half-hour tonal shift to horror movie? What was that? But everything leading up to that rare miss of an ending was putting it in the running for one of the better space dramas of the last 50 years. Oh well. (And let’s not talk about Millions, the second worst movie ever made after Slumdog Millionaire.) What I am trying to say is that 127 Hours could really go either way, but James Franco is a compelling actor (LADIES!) and I recognize that a 2 minute teaser trailer about a man trapped in a desperate situation re-examining the path his life has taken before mustering extraordinary will and courage to survive is much less enticing to the average movie-goer than an ad for Jack Johnson Sporting Goods: Just Chill It. And so we are left with only one option: let the Videogum Movie Club decide. See you on November 8th!