That’s Your Etsy Model: Christina Hendricks

The Hollywood Reporter has found an Etsy account for hand-sewn Bad Batz Maru hemp underwear elegant neckwear, and the model of that elegant neckwear is Christina Hendricks. Ay-ay-ay! Wait a second, THE Christina Hendricks from television’s Mad Men? With the face and the hair and the outfits and the chest? YES! “One elegant neckwear for men, please.” The Hollywood Reporter explains that the owner of the Etsy account is none other than American actress Tamara Mello from the WB show Popular. I guess it just goes to show you, even in 2010, when it comes to selling elegant neckwear that you made in your spare time on-line through a start-up website, it’s all about WHO YOU KNOW.

Truth be told, this makes me a little nervous about my own Etsy store (launching 2012). I’ve got great stuff to sell, including coin purses with funny quotes from Michael Cunningham’s The Hours embroidered on them, stretched out t-shirts covered in sauce stains, and earrings in the shape of my butt, but no famous friends to model them. Does anyone have Chris Kattan’s contact information? Please send it to [email protected]