Congratulations To ALL The Contestants At The 2010 Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest

Of course, as with any hog calling competition, there can be only one winner (congratulations to Des Moines’s favorite son, Kyle Barton!) but as you can see from this footage (after the jump), in this contest, EVERYONE is a winner. Nothing about this is ridiculous or embarrassing at all. Just a group of people competing to see who is the best at a thing that we all agree is normal and not scary at all and should definitely be done in public, probably more than it already is. “When people say that life is unfair, I assume they are referring to the fact that public hog calling is limited to state fair competitions when in my opinion it should be done constantly and everywhere,” is what a lot of people say when someone else reminds them that we live in a cruel and uncaring world with no particular regard to anyone’s well being.

The 2010 Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest, you guys:

I like at the end when this year’s winner, Kyle Barton (congratulations, Kyle!), explains that he has been sweeping all of the state fair hog calling competitions across the midwest despite never actually working on a farm. And also when he explains how he won a hog-calling competition the first time he ever tried it, on a whim, after watching someone else do it. I like it because it reminds us that this is definitely a real thing that is important and real and requires some kind of skill. It’s not just debutantes getting on a stage and humiliating themselves in public by squealing like pigs into a microphone. OH WAIT. We should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that makes us happy, but also hahaha & yikes. (Thanks for the tip, Erin.)