The Videogum “Back To School” Comedy Show And Party, September 9th, At The Bell House

I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is that summer is almost over, and you know what that means: back to school, where no one even knows ANYTHING. Teachers are the worst! They’re almost worse than PARENTS. Sure, you get a new Trapper Keeper and probably some oversized Marithe Francois Girbauds that you can grow into, but we all know it’s hardly a fair trade off. But I also have some good news. Videogum is putting together a Back to School Comedy Show and Party. You should come! It is going to be three weeks from tonight, on Thursday, September 9th, at 8PM at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for babies in diapers, it is 21 and over, but look at this great line up!!!!!!

    •Gabe Liedman
    •Joe Mande
    •Max Silvestri
    •John Mulaney
    •Jon Glaser

Cramazing! Probably some special guests, too! We are still working out some of the details! And after the comedy show, we can all hang out and sign each other’s yearbooks! (From last year? Admittedly, my adherence to the theme is starting to wear a little thin.) The best part is the whole show is FREE. You can save your milk money for its intended purpose: milk. I have complete confidence in saying that this is going to be the best Comedy Show and Party of the first half of the first semester! NO NERDS ALLOWED*.

UPDATE: Now on Facebook. Very cool. Kids love this stuff!

*Just kidding. This thing is going to be, like, wall-to-wall nerds, obviously.