Man With Swastikas On His Head Unlocks Internet’s True Potential

When the Internet was invented in 1842, it was developed by the military for secret battlefield communication over huge distances. Eventually, Perez Hilton got his hands on it, and now it is the sprawling, noisy mess that we know today. Now, with the advent of Lycos and and this blog about bodegas, it can be hard to remember what the Internet’s original purpose even was. “It’s just to make as much noise as you can and be forgotten within 20 minutes, right?” WRONG! The point of the Internet is for human beings to CONNECT with each other! The point of the Internet is to facilitate human interactions over huge distances so they know where to drop their bombs and bring us closer together.

Luckily, this young man still remembers what it is all about.

Just one human being (with swastikas tattooed on his Dune head) reaching out to another human being (who is three years old), through the vast darkness. (Thanks for the tip, @curlysiren.)