Gary Busey Is Definitely The Perfect Person To Align With Your Product

If you want to make your product appealing to consumers, you should definitely put Gary Busey in the commercial. It’s called aspirational marketing, and it plays off of the average customer’s desire to be a cocaine-addled lunatic with mismatched eyeholes.

I love laffs as much as the next person with a certain amount of disposable income to spend on the LATEST WATER FASHION/TECHNOLOGY, but at a certain point, it seems like this Tim and Eric-ification of modern marketing techniques, this Zach Galifianakisisizing of brand messaging is going to enter some kind of sarcastic in-joke feedback loop* where the broadcast message accidentally moves away from “buy our product” and becomes some kind of meta-commentary on consumerism in general, and we all stop buying shit we don’t need and achieve spiritual and emotional fulfillment by just EXISTING in the world. That or, like, an awards show for Best Screaming and Farting. (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Something Videogum knows ALL ABOUT.