Teenagers, You’re Liking Music Wrong

After the jump, I’ve posted a music video for a song called “Stupid Boy” by someone named T Mills, whoever that is. Now, it is possible that teenagers don’t actually like this song, in which case, teenagers, please accept my apology. But we know for a fact that teenagers like other songs that are very similar. It is in the vein of Ke$ha, with a little bit of Cobra Starship, and the 10-gauge ear-plugs of Brokencyce. The point is: teenagers like bad stuff. In fact, I take back my proposed apology to teenagers. Even if you don’t actually like T Mills, you definitely like the people who inspired T Mills and made him think, “hey, I could do that, and I probably SHOULD do that.” A rare miss, T Mills. And an unfortunately all too common miss, today’s teenagers.

After the jump: a magical video that will turn almost anyone into a grouchy, out of touch old man who thinks the world is just noise and can’t wait to go home to heaven and see his Barbara again.

When I was your age, candy cost a nickel, people traveled by horse-drawn chariot, Coca Cola was medicine, and music wasn’t a nightmarescape of screech-filled computerized garbage smirks. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)