That’s Your Girlfriend: Woman Freaking Out About Chicken McNuggets

You would be the first to admit that your girlfriend has a bit of a temper. You know that, of course you know that. If she can’t have her way, if, for example, a woman at a McDonald’s drive-thru window tells her that she can’t order chicken McNuggets because it’s 6:30 in the morning and they are not serving chicken McNuggets yet, sure, she’ll get out of the car and start trying to crack some skullz. No doubt about it. And there was that one week that she worked as a flight attendant, but quit in a huff after an argument with a passenger by activating the emergency exit slide and jumping out of the plane. But that’s just her passion coming to the surface. She is a woman filled with passion. And covered in pink jersey cotton. You love her so much.

Much like 6:30 is too early for chicken McNuggets, it is currently too early for this sad video. But unlike your girlfriend, we are all adults here. Adults who understand that sometimes in life things happen. (Via TheDailyWhat.)