What Should The Tagline Be For The Justin Bieber 3D Biopic That Is Real?

Sure, biopics are the worst, but how about a 3D biopic? ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND?! From DeadlineHollywood:

Paramount Pictures has made a deal to turn Justin Bieber’s life story into a 3D feature biopic. Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth, is negotiating to direct. The film doesn’t have a title, but Bieber will play himself in the film. The pic will be sprinkled with performances from his current concert tour. The film will come out February 11, 2011 on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Cool. Cool idea for a cool movie about a cool dude. Quick question: how long is a biopic about a 12-year-old? Four minutes? Less? He isn’t even old enough for his brother to have died in a tragic drowning accident yet (Ray humor, 2010!) Is this going to be a Direct-to-Zune release? ANYWAY: what should the tagline be for this neat project that is real? Here are a couple of ideas:

• The True Story Of A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Two-Year-Long Career
• See Justin Bieber Like You Have Never Seen Him Before: In A Terrible Movie
• She Was 12 But She Got Better
• There’s Something Wrong With Bieber
• Justin Bieber 3D: To Catch All The Predators
• Baby: The Justin Bieber Short Story

Nailed it, I’m sure.