Kenny Powers Viral Markets K-Swiss

We should buy more K-Swiss, you guys:

On the first day that Max and I were in San Diego for Comic-Con we were walking down the street when we heard excited screaming and shouting up on the next block. We figured this was just the kind of thing two journalists such as ourselves should go check out. But when we got to the corner, all we found were a bunch of fat dudes dressed up in cheap David Hasselhoff wigs driving fake Knight Rider cars in front of a double-decker “David Hasselhoff Party Bus” emblazoned with a giant ad for his stupid new reality show. On top of the party bus were a bunch of bored looking booth babes wearing Baywatch costumes, and also a couple of them wearing, like, 60s-era hippie costumes for some reason? Anyway, Max and I were super-annoyed at this point (not that you could ever tell from anything we ever wrote about Comic-Con) that we lived in a world where people would go crazy for an advertisement about a stupid reality show that no one should care about. And then TWO FEET behind the David Hasselhoff party bus advertisement we saw a pickup truck carrying Kenny Powers’s jetski with a cardboard cut-out of Danny McBride lounging on the seat, and we were like “that’s awesome!” So I guess what I am trying to say is that advertisements are really annoying and condescending and insufferable, unless you like what is being advertised, in which case aren’t they so clever and appealing. Whoops, there’s the boring bell. Read boring chapters 4-100. There will be a boring test. (Via DailyWhat.)