Antoine Dodson’s Internet Cycle Already Complete

Last week, a local news report about a potential rape featuring an effeminate black man giving an on-air sassy retort to the would-be attacker became our generation’s Double Rainbow Guy. The video was featured widely on various blogs that feature that kind of thing, and re-Twittered and re-Tumbled, and everything. A few years ago, it might have taken a few weeks or even months for a viral sensation to develop into a full-blown meme, and then peter out, and then forgotten, and THEN picked up by the traditional media as a hot new Internet trend. But with the looming threat of 2012 putting errbody on an accelerated timetable, Antoine Dodson has already completed his Internet cycle in just a few short days. Since last Thursday, he has become the subject of Facebook fan page, two different Zazzle tees, and an auto-tune remix (after the jump). But most importantly, the same local news team that first captured Antoine Dodson’s reaction to the attempted rape, did a follow-up piece about Antoine Dodson’s Internet celebrity. And as we all well know, if the traditional media discovers an on-line trend, that means the on-line trend has been over for a long time.

Goodbye, Antoine Dodson meme. (July 28 2010-July 30 2010).

Herstorical Reference Materials Below:

Antoine Dodson Auto-Tune Remix (July 30, 2010)

Original Antoine Dodson Broadcast (July 28, 2010)

(Follow up news piece via Dlisted, song via HighDefinite.)