Goodbye, San Diego, Hello, Mad Men, And Hot Tips Open Thread

Today will be spent on an airplane, traveling across our great nation back to New York City, where there are no crowds or lines or uncomfortable spaces ever. For one more day, Videogum remains rudely disjointed and shaken from its regular schedule. Let’s all just remain strong during this difficult and trying time. In the meanwhile: how about last night’s premiere of Mad Men? They’re back! All our old pals! As you can see from the above screencap, I watched the episode on a grainy, choppy Slingbox connection, the way this lush and beautiful show was MEANT to be seen. Turns out our hotel in San Diego had a beautiful view of the freeway, but no AMC, which was a pretty decent trade off until the last minute. But, you guys, Mad Men! The new office! Slap sex! Ham! Going forward, when the world has been re-righted on its axis, we will have more standardized coverage of this great show, but for today: Mad Men! Hi, Mad Men!

Also: since today the site will be (very, very) slow, how about we work together as a family to make it more interesting/exciting. For today: YOU BE THE BLOG. Post funny new YouTube links and the latest entertainment gossip/news in the comments. Then comment on THOSE comments. It will basically be the second and third layer of our Videogum dream, and hopefully someone will incept the idea into everyone’s minds that Comic-Con never even happened in the first place.

Get to work!