Old Spice Guy Responds To Old Spice Guy, Internet Explodes

Yesterday, the already outstanding Old Spice Body Wash advertising campaign entered a new phase of double outstandingness all the way when the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, recorded a series of funny videos responding directly to YouTube commenters, people on Twitter, Apolo Ohno (?!), and answering questions on Yahoo! Answers. It is just very clever and charming and engaging and well done. Of course, for some of us, this hit a little TOO close to home. I avoided posting about this yesterday, because as clever as this whole thing is, I do not allow small instances of personal flattery to coerce me into providing free advertising for a multi-million dollar corporation. (I am like a one man AdBusters over here.)

But Old Spice Guy responding to Old Spice Guy is just really great. Can I warm you up? How’s the pie? Well played, multi-million dollar corporation. You get what you want, AS USUAL.