LeBron James Moving To Miami OR: Rachel Bilson Pumping Gas

Last night, the sports world sat rapt as ESPN broadcast LeBron James’s LIVE announcement of his decision about something to do with sportsketball. I don’t know. I mean, I know that he played for the Cleveland Hoopsketshooters and I also know that he is now going to be playing for the Miami Pro Team, but I’m not actually sure what the scandal is? Because it seems like there is a scandal? People mad! I have not seen a single thing saying that LeBron James moving to Miami is a good thing, and everyone is also upset that he milked this situation for maximum attention, which is hilarious, because even as someone who does not follow sports at all, I’m very well aware that professional athletes ENJOY ATTENTION. No duh. In any case, you can watch his announcement here, and discuss your genuine human emotions over the situation. OR: we can discuss this photo taken yesterday (big day!) of Rachel Bilson pumping gas into her car (Toyota Prius, if you want to know). Where is SHE going? How do people feel about HER big move?

You are also allowed to discuss how you feel about both situations if you want, of course, because I am sure they are equally provocative, emotional, and important.