Daniel Songer Is Back!

It was little more than a month ago when Daniel Songer, poet, comedian, dancer, entertainer (in that order), famously announced his retirement in Comedy_Entertainment Act 91.mpg. But today, ladies and germs, Daniel Songer has returned! He obviously learned what all true performers eventually come face-to-face with: once you get that TASTE, it is hard to give it up. In the past few days, Songer has uploaded a ton of new crazy backyard deck videos featuring his signature brand of pre-medicated “humor” (and sometimes, like, these weird pelvic thrust things accompanied by the chanting of some puerile phrase?). Admittedly, he seems to have gotten way more racist and homophobic since the last time we enjoyed his comedy, with rants about “the roaches” (Mexicans), and a video called “Talk Fag, Don’t Do Fag.” But, you know, that is just the EVOLUTION of an ARTIST.

New Daniel Songer after the jump!

Welcome back, Daniel Songer. Never leave us again. Unless you have go to the pharmacy to refill your prescription. But then come right back! (Thanks for the tip, Joel.)