That’s Your Coach: This Coach Wally Backman

At first, it could be anyone’s coach, but at about the one minute mark it becomes very clear that this is your coach. (NSFW language, ladies.)

They can’t all be Coaches Taylor, shaping boys into MEN and taking life as it comes because they know there’s no other way to take it. Sometimes they are this guy, having an embarrassing baby-tantrum* that ends with a desperate, breathless request for fingernail clippers. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t stop laughing at this ridiculous clown. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)

*Does anyone else find it incredibly convenient that the coach is mic’ed and the camera focuses on him from the very beginning? It is almost as if this is staged, but that can’t possibly be the case, since no one ever fakes freak-outs for YouTube. They are all natural and real, for sure.