Can We Please Put Jersey Shore Back In Perspective

Oh look, a picture of Snooki and The Situation, from Jersey Shore, hanging out with a stick of butter Paula Deen (via WarmingGlow). Good for them! Why not?! Paula Deen is exactly the type and caliber of celebrity that the cast of Jersey Shore should be hanging out with. Look, I enjoyed their television program as much as anyone, and more than many, and I look forward to watching the second season, even if it looks painfully contrived in the way that all continuations of successful reality TV shows do, where the plotline ends up eating itself in some kind of vodka-soaked ouroboros of shame and despair. But it is time that we put these discolored sacks of half-cooked meat human beings back in perspective. What I am trying to say is John McCain, United States Senator, war hero, and onetime contender for the presidency, DOES NOT NEED TO RESPOND TO SNOOKI ON TWITTER. Or at the very least, he does not need to have his great-grandson respond to Snooki on Twitter using his account. (I belong in a Zingior Zingizens Home.) And for sure the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does not need to say their names or make reference to them EVER, not even as a punchline during his surprisingly decent stand-up set at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner (2:25). To summarize:

Paula Deen: OK.
President of the United States, Barack Obama: NOT OK.