In A Surprise To No One, The Trailer For 50 Cent’s New Movie Gun Looks Terrible And Makes No Sense

“Let me just get this straight: there is a movie starring 50 Cent that he wrote himself called Gun. And this movie has a borderline comedic movie poster. And in this movie, 50 Cent plays a street-wise arms dealer who teams up with Val Kilmer, who is actually an undercover police officer trying to take 50 Cent down, and also John Laroquette is in it? The guy from Night Court? And now this movie, Gun, written by and starring 50 Cent, has a movie trailer that appears to be edited by 50 Cent as well, and somehow the trailer doesn’t make any sense and the movie continues to look incomprehensible in addition to cheap and also awful? That just doesn’t make any sense.”
–No one.

Gun trailer, you guys:

Yikes. Even the Takers trailer is shaking its head and whispering “I don’t get it,” into its friend’s ear. (It’s friend, of course, being the trailer for the Sticky Fingaz musical.)

And yet, this comes as no surprise whatsoever. I mean, duh. (Thanks for the tip, Candice and Max.)