Heaven Just Got A Little More Richard Dunn

Anyone who follows the work of Tim and Eric undoubtedly struggles with their own moral questions about what it means to take halfway home residents out of their supervised living conditions and put them in the middle of an ever-increasingly more insane comedy program to be used for discomfiting, mildly-to-very-exploitative laughs. But it is also obvious that despite the moral ambiguity of this casting process, those guys feel real affection for their carnival of lost souls, and so too do we as their audience. And so this news is sad. From @timheidecker:

Deeply saddened to announce that our friend Richard Dunn passed away at 7:14am this morning.

Oh no! Oh jeez! R.I.P. Richard Dunn. You will be missed. You are in heaven now, making the angels laugh while simultaneously confusing the angels sometimes and making them feel a little weird about whether you are in on the joke or not.