The Morning Glory Trailer Is A Liar

Morning Glory trailer, you guys:


First of all, some woman living with her parents on Staten Island who’s having trouble finding a job doesn’t just BECOME A TV PRODUCER. And if she does just BECOME A TV PRODUCER, there is no sympathy for her being “overworked” and “underpaid” because SHE IS A TV PRODUCER. “I’m so frazzled by this highly competitive job definitely fell into my lap and that I probably saw an ad for on Craigslist because Hollywood gets it.” But more importantly, this trailer (and also probably movie) is a liar because a morning talk show in which Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton have snipey arguments about pap smears on the air is a morning show that EVERYONE would watch. Hoda and Kathie Lee would quit the ninth hour of the Today Show because they would want to be home in time to watch Daybreak. FACT.