Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Season Finales

Love is in the air! If there was a theme to last night’s episodes, besides the powerful, stirring, emotional theme of “summer hiatus,” it was ROMANCE. And also TRIANGLES. Jack and Nancy and Avery! Andy and April and Anne! Liz and Wesley and Matt Damon! Jeff and Britta and Professor Slater and Annie! And, of course, The Office’s suggestion that Holly would be back next season. OOOOOOH. Anyway, the shows were good! Community proved that it has had a very memorable first season. 30 Rock had some of the biggest laughs of the night. Parks and Recreation ended a tremendous season with an excellent episode. Goodbye until January, that show. You have to make room for the racist nightmare from the Land Before Time that is Outsourced. 2010! Foreign people speak funny! And The Office, for as much shit as I give it, because it really doesn’t make any sense anymore, and I just don’t understand what that show is supposed to be ABOUT, and to a large extent I think the characters have moved from humorously drawn caricatures of real life people to broadly cartoonish nonsense clowns who do things that no one would ever do ever, it is still a superb comedy that delivers tons of laughs and is better than 90% of television. So.

Goodbye, shows! Have a great summer! K.I.T.!

OK. So. Now what do we do? Guys? I didn’t draw these blinds and block out the light of day for nothing.