Jay Mohr Is The New Boiling Points

What do Jay Mohr and the defunct MTV reality show Boiling Points have in common? They are both annoying, unfunny, canceled, and interfere with people just trying to get through the day. After the jump, I have a clip in which Jay Mohr plays a prank (on the world?) by pretending to be a barista at a coffee shop? Good prank. Basically, the joke seems to be that people think Jay Mohr is actually a barista, and so when he messes up everyone’s order and acts like an asshole they get mad because all they wanted was a cup of coffee and to go about their business, not be the butt of a poorly thought out non-joke from a panicky-sounding dude covered in flop sweat who thinks doing a job poorly is a “joke.” GOTCHA! HUH? (Although, in Jay Mohr’s defense, he can’t do his real job very well either.) One dude thinks Jay Mohr looks like that guy from television, Jay Mohr, which is hilarious, I guess, because it is Jay Mohr? CHECK PLEASE!

Man, pranks are the worst, but Jay Mohr pranks are even MOHR AWFUL. (Woof.) (TGIF.) (Thanks for the tip, Kelly.)