This Video Is The Worst Video

After the jump, I have posted a video (via Joe Mande), and it is just the worst video. For one thing, it’s old. BOOOOOO. New stuff only! Right, Internet? “Five seconds is a lifetime.” Shut up, Internet. For another thing, it’s just the worst. It features an old man in a filthy turtleneck with, like, scrapes and bruises on his face, singing a song called “Carload of Farts.” He can’t even sing, and the song is awful. I just wanted you to have all the information up front so that if you do decide to click through and watch the video, you don’t get mad at me saying, “Gabe, that video is the worst video. It’s just an old man in a filthy turtleneck with scrapes and bruises on his face singing, if you can even call it that, a song called ‘Carload of Farts.’ And even worse, this video is old. Why didn’t you tell us?” You can’t say that because I did tell you. This is on you now.

Just the worst. Like I said.