Entourage Season 7, Now With More Smirking, Less Point

Entourage season 7 promo, you guys:

Oh please tell me that they drive off that cliff. I think if someone just tells them that there is some decent weed at the bottom of the cliff, I bet they will drive off it. Turtle’s usually the driver, right? (I like how I asked that as if I haven’t paid for the definitive answer to that question with my own eye-blood.) Hey, Turtle, there’s a woman in a wheelchair who wants to give you a handjob in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom, and her deaf sister thinks Johnny Drama is cute, at the bottom of that cliff. A handjob is a handjob, right, Turtle? Oh, and since you’re heading down there, E’s muddling, exhausting, unimportant relationship with Sloane that no one cares about is at the bottom of the cliff, too. Hop in, E! They’ll drop you off! Oh, hi Ari, yeah, you should definitely get into the car. Your disgustingly homophobic insults that are not at all funny but are definitely gross that you violently use against your assistant Lloyd in your screamiest voice are at the bottom of the cliff. You’re definitely going to want those, right?! Get in the car! And I know Vince will get in the car because he’s got NOTHING ELSE PLANNED FOR TODAY AS USUAL. OK, here we goooooo! Crash. Shrug. (Thanks for the tip, Matt.)