Mini Cannon! So Mini! So Cannon!

Awwww. Who’s da cutest widdle mini-cannon? I want to put this mini-cannon in my pocket and carry it around with me everywhere so that I can love it and hug it and never let it go. On weekends, I would take it to the park and just let it shoot around. In the summer, we would go to civil war battlefields, and it could shoot with the big cannons. People would be like “Oh my God, that is the cutest little mini-cannon I’ve ever seen, can I aim it?” And I would be like, “I”m really sorry, but my mini-cannon isn’t friendly.” And then I would shoot them with the mini-cannon and they would be like “hahaha, ow!” Because it would hurt, but it would be sooooo cute. MINI-CANNON! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! (Via BuzzFeed.)