Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I have not watched last night’s Community yet, although I heard it was good. I really like and support that show and am glad that it has been picked up for a second season, although I do hope they make some changes next year. I’m not even sure what changes they should make, and it’s not like Dan Harmon comes down to my work and slaps the whatever out of my whatever, but out of the four Thursday night shows, Community has gotten stuck at the bottom of my priorities list for some reason, and considering that The Office has run its course and makes no sense, Community should, at the very least, hold a solid third place. I’m thinking lose the Jeff-Britta romantic tension (because more like romantic tensioNOT, right you guys? Good turn of phrase! Why don’t I have a TV show?!) and kill the weekly melodramatic meta-morals. This isn’t Strangers with Candy, and the show already pokes enough holes in traditional sitcom structures and tropes without needing to do that every. single. week.

But like I said, I haven’t watched this week’s episode. Maybe the whole thing just got turned on its head and I don’t even know it yet. What I do know about is this week’s Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock:

Parks and Recreation was good! Although, and I know I am a broken record about this, but why is Ann always at every event? Is a nurse really going to attend the parks and recreation department’s Spring Catalog planning committee meeting in the middle of the day? Is she really going to stay up all night to help with a telethon? I guess she’s friends with all those guys, but I have friends, I know what friendship is like, and an all-night telethon would almost certainly happen to fall on the night that I was busy doing stuff with my other friends. My nurse friends, for example! But if NBC decided to cancel all of the Thursday night shows and just have Chris Pratt sitting in a chair talking for two hours, I WOULD WATCH THOSE TWO HOURS.

The Office was fine! What is there to say?

30 Rock was both fine and great! It was not my favorite episode of all time or anything, but I will say that Liz Lemon and Buzz Aldrin yelling insults at the moon was one of the funniest things I have seen on TV in a long time. “I walked on your FACE!” And Elaine Stritch as Jack Donaghy’s mom is always a treasure. Why doesn’t Elaine Stritch host Saturday Night Live? She would be great! Oh, that’s right. Because the Internet hasn’t given her its so-inherently-ironic-in-everything-that-it-does-that-it-doesn’t-even-realize-when-it’s-being-ironic-anymore blessing. Sorry, Elaine Stritch. No absurdist nostalgia-throwback-half-prank-goof of a Facebook Fan Group, no late life, mildly condescending career resurrection.

Your turn.

UPDATE: last night’s episode of Community was great!