Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mickey Rourke Is Stupid And Difficult To Be Around

Mickey Rourke stars in a new Dutch commercial for Bavaria-brand non-alcoholic beer and/or Mickey Rourke stars in a new Dutch documentary about how everyone in the world knows that Mickey Rourke is an idiot that is very difficult to be around:

Get it? Mickey Rourke is a bossy disrespectful asshole who doesn’t even know the difference between alcohol and the intoxication of his own ego. NO DUH. Admittedly, he was robbed of the 2009 Oscar for Best Male Performance, and I am still waiting for Sean Penn to do the right thing and GIVE THAT OSCAR BACK. But that is still no reason for Mickey Rourke to be a jerk to people who are just trying to do their jobs! (Thanks for the tip, BradyShow.)