Duh Aficionado Magazine: Christina Aguilera Is Not Lady Gaga

Yikes. What a MILTTTHFTSINLGAIINL1999ATGIUAAHHIATC*. Are her grandkids allowed to watch this?

She is not Lady Gaga but she IS the Nick Madson of the music world. What a rip-off artist. Here are some other people that Christina Aguilera is not:

  • Madonna
  • Shakira
  • Beyonce
  • Harrison Ford
  • Amy Tan
  • Pokemon
  • A Musician People Still Care About

I’m a ZINGie in a bottle! Get it? Old people get it.

*Mother I’d Like To Tell To Her Face That She Is Not Lady Gaga And It Is No Longer 1999 And To Give It Up And Also Her Husband Is A Total Creep.