Teen Korner: Justin Bieber’s And Sean Kingston’s “Eenie Meenie” VideOMG


Listen up dudes who are interested in making money when they grow up but are also seriously considering pursuing a liberal arts education in college just for their own spiritual fulfillment, and girls who are determined to raise their children (if they decide to have children at all) in a world without glass ceilings, even if you are kind of unsure what glass ceilings are at this point in your life, but you’re pretty sure you get it, and you hate them. This might come as a surprise, but today I don’t want to rap at you about safe sex. Because I want to let Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston rap at you. About nursery rhymes. Diet Barq’s.

After the jump, we’ve got the fresh new dope awesome music video word up from Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston for their song “Eenie Meenie,” as in “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, DA BOMB!”

Neat video! I liked the part where there was a party. That part was really sweet cool.

Real quick, though, if you ARE going to have sexual intercourse, please use protection. Nothing can derail your young life more quickly than an unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases are definitely not radical at all. I’m just trying to give you guys some of the real talk. I’m treating you like adults. Because one thing you will discover is that adults are constantly talking to each other about safe sex. Enough, adults! You’re like a broken record with all the safe sex talk you’re always having with each other!