Best New Party Game: 22: #worstbiopics

This week’s party game is almost as bad as #oppositemovies. Remember #oppositemovies? What a terrible game! But it’s also spring time and not everything in life has to be hard. So let’s just enjoy ourselves, right? As I pointed out yesterday, we only live once, in the event that you did not know that yet. (“Boom” — your mind.)

So: #worstbiopics

It’s literally just naming an actor/actress and then naming a historical person they’re completely ill-suited to portray in a biopic of the latter. Examples:

  • Jamie Foxx IS Benjamin Franklin
  • Megan Fox IS Nikola Tesla
  • Mo’nique IS Anne Frank
  • Pauly Shore IS General George S. Patton

You get it. I mean, you better get it. This one is so dumb that if you don’t get, please just pin a sheet of paper to your chest that says “Hospital” and walk into traffic. Either way, good luck!