Old Man Dances To Remind Us We Are All Alive

A lot of younger people (and here I am defining “younger people” as anyone under the age of 50) will see or encounter older people (and here I am defining “older people” as anyone over the age of 70) and have a momentary glimpse of their own mortality. This is reasonable, but it’s usually a selfish and vain reaction. With rare exceptions, this glimpse manifests itself as “I don’t ever want to become that sad old person over there who is so old.” Because for young people, an old person’s defining characteristic is their age. Except that old people are just people, with all of their varying attitudes. Some are sad, and some are not sad. Smart young people become smart old people, and awful young people become awful old people, and funny young people become funny old people, and on and on down the list. What I’m saying is that society has drawn an unspoken line in the age-sand, and once you cross that line you are invisible to people on the other side. But you are still there. And sometimes you have to cross that line for a couple of minutes and BUST SOME SERIOUS MOVES UP IN EVERYONE’S FACE to let them know that YOU ARE ALIVE and YOU ARE AMAZING. Then it’s back to your side of the line, where hopefully there is a comfortable chair, or a hospital bed to lie in.