We Are All Insignificant Movie Stars On A Speck Of Movie Dust

This short film (via Vulture.), We Are Here: Pale Blue Dot, is a beautiful rumination on the meaning of life in the ever-expanding infinite cosmos, narrated by Carl Sagan. It is definitely worth your time:

Incidentally, although this is a charming and quietly beautiful short film filled with memorable movie moments that deftly express Carl Sagan’s profound point about the insignificance of human experience in comparison to the yawning expanses that engulf it (and inversely, the immensity of the human experience and the ways in which the universe in all its magnitude cannot hope contain it), it did miss a few people who would have made great examples of how we are all alive. Here are just a few of the movie stars who are also representative of life on this tiny speck: James Gandolfini, Marisa Tomei, Claire Danes, Eddie Murphy, Joe Pesci, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Plummer, Loretta Devine, Andy Serkis, Diane Lane, Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Ellen Page, Tom Green, Taye Diggs, Jessica Biel, Topher Grace.

That’s it. That’s life!