That’s Your Video Game: Mean Girls: The Game

That’s Your Video Game: Mean Girls: The Game

Stop the blogs, Vicki Vale, what is that?! A Mean Girls video game! But it’s only 2010! I’m not sure the world is ready for a Mean Girls video game! Although, this works out perfectly, because it’s for the Nintendo DS Lite, which is also known as Your Video Game Console. “I keep it in my Bad Batz Maru fanny pack!”

So, what will this game be like?! From the Gamestop website (sorry, from YOUR WEBSITE):

Rumors. Lies. Intrigue. It’s High School. Based on the hit Paramount movie. Follow the misadventures of Cady from Jingle Bell Rock to the School Prom

A-B-A-B-UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-SELECT-START-WHUT? What a good idea for a game. Very game-sounding. “I’m addicted to following the misadventures of Cady!” Parents are like, “It’s hard to get my child to read more books when Cady’s misadventures are so overstimulating. But all his friends are following them, too, so what am I to do?!”

Let’s take a look at what you’ll actually do in this exciting and necessary game:

  • Go up against plastics, jocks, art freaks and mathletes, as you work to play the cliques against each other and become the high school prom queen!
  • Unlock new mini‐games and environments


I am intrigued that they removed Lindsay Lohan from the cover of this game. Before I was like “Mean Girls came out six years ago, so maybe we don’t need a boring-sounding portable Nintendo video game about it in which you follow misadventures on your way to videogame prom, and also what the hell is this,” but then I saw that they had removed Lindsay Lohan from the entire Mean Girls premise and I was like, “A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Don’t I dare close my eyes.” This game should probably be called Myst 2 because it’s about to change everything. (Myst jokes! Mean Girls video games! 2010 forever!)

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