Kiely Williams Just Says What We’re All Nightmaring

Oh man, you guys. My head is in a serious yogurt cup right now. I think that means last night’s party was a success? Actually, I think it means the party was TOO successful. I’m sorry it was such a good party, everyone. My bad. Oh, hey, speaking of bad, in the event that you haven’t seen this video yet, this morning seems as apt a time as any to post it. It’s a song by Kiely Williams (Kiely?) called “Spectacular” and it is all about getting date raped. NEEAAAAAT! That is definitely a great idea for a song, and Kiely Williams is definitely showing the world that she is a great singer. I think we can all relate to how sometimes you go out and have a good time at night but the next morning you wake up and you are like OOF. And it turns out that it is because you were raped. But you don’t even care. Classic.


Kiely Williams has already “explained” (not “apologized”) this song and video by saying that she is a performer, and that this is just a performance piece. GOOD PERFORMANCE PIECE, KILEY! Good performing! Now if you will excuse me, I have to go turn off whatever it is that is making this room spin. (Many people sent this as a tip this week. Thank you all.)