You Could Be Alicia Keys’s Next HUH?

Whoa, today is the day?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that today is the day?! I had to wait for Alicia Keys to tell me.

Wait, what?

If you visit the website,, it says that “Alicia Keys is looking for her head blogger.” Oh no! What happened to her head blogger?! Apparently, she is starting her own lifestyles website, because if there is one group of women that Gwyneth Paltrow has definitely helped and struck a real chord with it is CELEBRITY WOMEN IN SEARCH OF A WEB-BASED VANITY PROJECT. You can apply to work for Alicia Keys (yeah right, I’m sure your desk will be right outside her office) on her blog to empower already empowered women more with more power (yeah!) here. I really hope you get it. It would seriously be so awesome if one of you got it. If for no other reason than you could tell us what the hell it is.