Best New Party Game: 20: Freddie Prinze Jr. Hackey Sack Movie Plots

Considering how the last BNPG was literally too easy (although it was not the stupidest BNPG we have played, that would obviously be #oppositemovies) today we’re going to take on a bigger challenge. This game is for PROFESSIONAL GAMETHELETES ONLY.

It all centers around this incredible clip from the 1999 movie She’s All That, starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as some kind of super-intense Hackey Sack Performance Artist? Honestly, this is one of the weirdest and also most hilarious things that I have ever seen:

Hahahaha. Boom goes the mindemite!

“Everyone is counting on you! Never! Let! It! Drop!”
-Freddie Prinze Jr. (1976-2012)

Now, if you have actually seen the 1999 movie She’s All That, you are automatically disqualified. Sorry! But for those of you who have not seen it, the game is this: write the plot for this movie. This scene is the climax of your movie. Please describe what happened leading up to this moment, and explain what the resolution will be for these characters. So, for example:

A young boy is found wandering without any memory of who he is. A family takes him in and begin to look for clues to help him find his way home. In the meantime, they notice that the boy seems to have certain special abilities, not usually found in kids his age, or even fully-grown adults. Now the family is counting on him to win enough money to keep away the evil land developers by winning big at the Regional Hackey Sack Performance Art Semi-Finals down at the cafe? I think it is a cafe. Then he wakes up and it had all just been a dream.

OK, that is mostly just the description for the 1985 Barret Oliver vehicle, D.A.R.Y.L., copied and pasted from IMDB with a little bit of Goonies thrown in for fun. I fold! You will not fold, though. You will play. TO THE DEATH! (Please do not die over this.) (Video via lostandmound.)