You Guys, We Should Buy More Deodorant

Tim and Eric are great, no duh. Their show is great. This is great. When they direct music videos, those are great videos! Of course, it was only a matter of time before Corporate America (boo!) got the idea to try and capitalize on their unique brand of oddness. It began with the Zach Galifianakis Absolut ads, although those remained primarily on-line novelties. Vodka-soaked Easter eggs for the superdrunken superfans. But now Tim and Eric have directed a series of actual commercials? For Old Spice deodorant? And they are so weird? Obviously? But also kind of great? But then you have to wonder where this will all lead? And question the ramifications of Corporate America’s (boo!) relentless co-option of the interesting and bizarre? And what that means for the development of ideas? And the increasing difficulty in drawing the line between art and commerce? Although maybe that line no longer has any value in a media-saturated world like ours anyway? And will I ever shut up?

Tim’s and Eric’s Old Spice commercials after the jump:

This is Corporate America’s (boo!) first foray into Tim’s and Eric’s brand of nightmare-comedy™ but one has to imagine it is not the last. Eventually, this will become an industry standard. Everything will be half-way house residents screaming and close up squish-effects. Personally, I’m just waiting for Mr. Peanut to be replaced by James Quall in a top hat and monocle. Don’t forget your walking stick, Mr. Quallnut! (Via WarmingGlow.)