We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part Seven

We live in dark times. Our world is one of pain and suffering. So kahdooze to anyone who manages to carve out their own tiny corner of contentment. Of course, the nature of the sadness swamp in which we each must lead our own personal Artax is that people will probably ridicule you along the way. They will insult you and kick you and spit on you (at the very least insult you) for having found some way to make it through this living nightmare. Sometimes they do this out of fear, and sometimes they do it out of jealousy. The important thing is to ignore them. Haters will hate! And what looks to them like a waste of time, or an embarrassing way for an adult to behave, is just one human being saying “no darkness, not today.”

For example, let’s say you wanted to spend hundreds of hours, no, thousands of hours throwing business cards until you just became so good at it that it was crazy. You spent literally all the hours doing it. Well, I bet your parents would be kind of annoyed. And you might lose some friends who enjoy hanging out and having fun rather than standing in line with you at Kinko’s waiting to get another batch of 15,000 “practice” throwing-business-cards made up. But you have to follow your passion. And, in the end, you might even get to star in a viral marketing on-line web video for some kind of HD video camera (or something?)!

Seeing this guy do things with business cards that are actually insane happy makes me happy! (Via BuzzFeed.)