Thursday Night TV Open Thread

How about that Pope, huh? The fact that it is 2010 and we are still talking about Catholic priests enmeshed in child molestation cover-up scandals is INSANE. I feel like not only did the world acknowledge that there deep-seated structural problems with the Catholic church’s acceptance and obfuscation of sexual misconduct on the part of its spiritual leaders a long time ago, but that the rest of us already achieved closure and catharsis through, like, a Richard Gere movie and assumed this was behind us. Like, 15 years ago. Wasn’t this already a Richard Gere movie? This really feels like it was a Richard Gere movie. That being said, it is funny that people are shocked at the actions taken by the current Pope back in the 1980s when he was just the archbishop of Munich. How could he have done such a thing?! You would expect better from a former member of the Hitler Youth!

Oh whoops. Sorry. That is actually a draft of a blog post I’m writing for So how about last night’s TV shows, you guys? Pretty funny stuff. LOL, I’m sure.