Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2: Marmaduke

Marmaduke trailer, you guys:

Child: Dad, what’s Marmaduke?
Dad: Well, Charlie, Marmaduke is a long-running single-panel comic strip in American newspapers.
Child: What’s a single-panel comic strip?
Dad: Well, I guess it’s like a graphic novel, but without any of the emotional complexity, depth of character, or plot.
Child: Oh. OK, I think I get it. And what’s a newspaper?

BA-DUMP-CHING! I know this movie is intended for children, and as such it barely even deserves discussion–talk about forget it, Jake, it’s children’s movie town–but children cannot possibly want this. “Hey kids, check out this movie based on a comic strip that started in 1954, featuring the voice of George Lopez! In 2D!” Kids are just like, “I’ll be over here on my iFax, filing for emancipation.”