Birdemic Premieres In New York City Tomorrow Night, Hosted By Videogum

You guys, don’t forget that the cult hit Birdemic is coming to New York City this weekend. The Los Angeles premiere was a huge success, but now success has come to the Big Apple! Birdemic, of course, is the bonkers horror-survival cult classic directed by a sentient copy of Photoshop James Nguyen about a successful young business salesman and his beautiful new girlfriend coming under attack by some dangerous eagles? Something like that. It is also a movie about the real-time experience of navigating northern California suburban traffic. You will see. There are screenings tomorrow and Saturday, but tomorrow night’s midnight screening at the IFC Center (tickets here) is the only one that will begin with a Q&A featuring James Nguyen and the film’s stars, Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore, moderated by me.

If you want to go tomorrow but are too poor (gross), we are giving away two pairs of tickets to tomorrow night’s screening. To win the tickets, just leave a comment describing the scariest thing that you ever saw a bird do. Scariest jerk of a bird wins! Did you know they are dinosaurs or something?

After the jump, a video of Birdemic director James Nguyen being interviewed on a cable access show, just to give you a sense of what to expect at the Q&A:

Oh boy, this is going to be a mess. See you tomorrow!