Duh Aficionado Magazine: George W. Bush Is A Jerk

Guys, I don’t want to blow anyone’s minds, or rock anyone’s boats, or shake anyone’s cores (nullus), but George W. Bush is a jerk. Like, even if you thought he was a good president (uh, what?) he is still a jerk. He is smarmy and arrogant and smug and self-satisfied and proudly ignorant. FACT. But if you don’t think he was a good president, then oh boy, look out. There is probably a whole laundry list of reasons that you don’t like this guy. My list starts with WARS and goes from there, all the way down to SNAKE LIPS. What I’m saying is that I haven’t exactly been on the fence with George W. Bush for awhile now. Oh, sure, I voted for him. We all did. And I campaigned heavily for him to receive an historic third term. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards. Just like how not being a jerk is not in the cards for George W. Bush. No duh.

And today, in George W. Bush Is A Jerk News, there is a video circulating of him shaking hands with people in Haiti and WIPING HIS HAND ON BILL CLINTON’S SHIRT.

That seems about right. FILE UNDER: yup. (Via HuffingtonPost.)