Thursday Night TV Open Thread

For those of you who watched The Wire, which I assume is all of you–but if some of you have not watched The Wire, please stop reading this post and go watch The Wire, jeez no duh–you remember that structurally, every season had one thing in common, which is that the second to last episode was the most intense. The finale was always more of a cool down episode, an epilogue almost, but the second to last episode was the one that was like whoa. I feel like that is where we are at with this season’s Thursday night sitcoms. There are only a few more weeks left in the season, and everything is coming together in great ways. Last night’s 30 Rock was like when [SPOILER ALERT] shot [SPOILER ALERT] in the unfinished [SPOILER ALERT], and Parks and Recreation was like when [SPOILER ALERT] stopped going to Cutty’s [SPOILER ALERT] because he had gotten too deeply involved with Marlo Stanfield’s [SPOILER ALERT]. And, of course, Community was like when Frank Sabotka [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] Ziggy [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] and Beadie [SPOILER ALERT] so then McNulty [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] but Bunk is like, “Hey, [SPOILER ALERT]!”

You guys know.