Relax, NASA

In order to promote awareness of the American space program (oh, btw, America has a space program), NASA has launched (LAUNCHED!) a line of movie-themed posters but about their space missions. Sure, NASA. People are definitely about to get very excited about NASA. Most of the posters are space movie-themed. They look like the Armageddon poster, or a Star Trek poster. But there is also an Ocean’s 11 themed poster? And a RESERVOIR DOGS themed poster?! (“This summer, in space, everyone can hear you screaming because someone is severing your ear just off camera.”) For some reason, this Matrix-themed poster is my favorite, even though I suppose one could argue that it’s somehow more related to space than Reservoir Dogs, insofar as both The Matrix and the American space program are for nerds. I think I just like it because I like to imagine all of these highly-trained astrophysicists who have just made their lifelong dream come true by gaining admittance into the elite group of human beings to travel into space (Hi, Lance Bass!) only to have someone pull them aside and say, “Hey, put on this shiny patent leather trenchcoat and these awful sunglasses and make a total gas face. You know, for the kids!” Very cool. Not insulting or demeaning at all. Space is the place!

Someone needs to knock NASA’s lunch tray out of its hands and shove it into a locker. (Click through to enlarge. And thanks for the tip, Notsewfast.)