Eat Pray Love Asshole

Eat Pray Love trailer, you guys:

Ugh. I understand that women have historically had a difficult time achieving emotional independence and self-actualization due to the oppressive and sexist nature of modern society. The cultural reinforcement of the patriarchy, which demands that a woman define her desires and her self-worth by the needs and expectations of men is a difficult and heavy yoke to shake. So, in that sense, fair enough. But ladies! You don’t have to be an asshole about it! At the very least, maybe you should do the work before getting married or seriously involved in a relationship that you’re not emotionally mature enough to handle. Just as an example. There is something disgustingly…well…MASCULINE about the main character’s (based on Elizabeth Gilbert, who is the worst) self-indulgent scorched Earth approach to getting what she wants. Maybe that’s the point of the movie? To teach us that women can be selfish, self-absorbed assholes in the throes of a petulant midlife crisis just as obnoxiously as any MAN. And if anyone ever actually said “it’s my no carb left behind program” to me in real life, I would punch that person in the face until their thin, anemic blood ran from their sharp, birdlike nose.

I know this movie isn’t intended for me, I know that, but watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech from the TED Conference and try to figure out how anything she has ever done has been intended for anyone other than herself. The worst, I tell you! The worst!