The Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Doll Is A Lot Of Fun For Kids!

“A lot of people will say, you gave Billy dolls? But he’s a boy! Well, he wanted them, OK? It just seems to me that people should mind their own business and raise their own children. There’s nothing wrong with a boy having dolls if he wants them, and I’m not going to place those kinds of stupid biases and made-up rules on him at such a young age. Besides, they are Nightmare on Elm Street dolls. If anything, the question we had wasn’t about him having dolls but about whether or not these dolls were appropriate for children, because the Nightmare on Elm Street is pretty spooky stuff, but you know, they’re dolls, so they have to be, right? In any case, he doesn’t even play with the creepy burned up Freddy Krueger doll. He much prefers the one from before Freddy Krueger was murdered and entered the nightmare realm. He’s basically just a regular looking guy in a workman’s coat, but he’s holding this, like, metal hand rake? Which I guess is what he used to murder children after he molested them? Oh, Billy just loves that one. He will play with that one all day long, muttering things under his breath and peeing himself. It’s spooky, just like the movies! Sometimes I’m like, “Billy, you put that terrifying doll down and you come to dinner now, young man.” I have to get stern sometimes. You know how boys are.” (Via via JoBlo.)