Whoa, Future X-Cops, Whoa!

Future X-Cops trailer, you guys:

Whoa. (And yet, somehow, it still makes more sense than the Prince of Persia trailer.) Here is the movie’s “official description,” from YouTube:

A cop goes back in time to the present to protect a scientist who holds the key to mankind’s future.

Severe energy shortage that resulted to power resource monopoly by tycoons as the new century opens its way, chaos everywhere were evoked and gravely jeopardized human existence. However, by the time the century ending towards its closing, Dr. Masterson, a talented scientist who devoted great efforts on his relentless research, finally invented the Skyline Solar Screen. This innovation not only resolved and alleviated critical energy issues that saved endangered mankind, it also gave those avaricious oil tycoons a hard hit on their face.

Whoa. But let me ask you this, movie description, as a result, in order to seize again lucrative profits, did the greedy tycoons plots an evil conspiracy and hired a group of humanoids (half human,half robot) to target and assassinate the great mankind savior Dr. Masterson?

As a result, in order to seize again lucrative profits, the greedy tycoons plots an evil conspiracy and hired a group of humanoids (half human, half robot) to target and assassinate the great mankind savior Dr. Masterson! In apprehension of the complicity, government authority dispatches Officer Kidd (Any Lau) and his wife Millie (Bingbing Fan) to closely guard on Dr. Masterson’s personal security.

Got it. Then what?

During a fierce combat against the humanoids soldier, Millie was not able to survive the death battle, despite the fact that Kidd was able to kill the humanoid Captain Kalon’s (Louis Fan) younger brother. Though Dr. Masterson was still safe and sound, Kidd and Captain Kalons life and death feud is now unraveled.

With airtight intense protective measures on Dr. Masterson’s safety by the police force, it prevented the humanoid from harming the brilliant scientist. But the vicious tycoons made a new plot by stealing the government’s hi-tech time travel mechanism and sends back those strength-enhanced humanoid to the past world, target to murder the teenage Dr. Masterson!

Officer Kidd, carrying with him the critical mission to stop the evil plan, agreed to transform himself into a half-cyborg warrior, bringing along his only daughter Kiki (Jiao Xu) to the past, and ventures in hope to save mankind and the world! Time travelling to the contemporary world, Kidd hides himself among the police force, with the aid of his superior (Mike He) and policewoman Holly (Barbie Hsu), secretly searching for the teenage Dr. Masterson.

The humanoid Assassins who also return from the future to the contemporary world are unable to locate their target, and assumes that Kidd have hidden the doctor under his protection. They began to initiate various terrorism attacks everywhere, and even threatens Kidd with his beloved one’s life, forcing him to hand out the teenage Dr. Masterson…

Between mission and love, Kidd is now trapped in grave dilemma. Could he triumph over the humanoid and accomplish the mission to save the contemporary and future world…

Cool. Yes. Definitely picked up on most of that from the very clear and straight-forward trailer, but it’s nice to have the story fleshed out. Personally, I never see a movie unless there is a 5,000 word plot synopsis that has been written by a nine-year-old and run through the BETA translation software. (Thanks for the tip, Jeremy.)